Is there a Kanban view available?

Kanban functionality currently exists at You simply enter your API token from your Intervals account. Once logged you will be able to see all your data from Intervals.  The Kanban view is not a separate platform, it is simply just a different view into your data that we have for you to use. Any […]

Can I bulk update someone’s project access?

When using Intervals project schedule software, a person’s project access can be modified in bulk by looking up the person in the people section and editing the project access section. When in edit mode the web based project manager software will default to showing the projects for the client that the person belongs to, but […]

Using the daily project summary

The daily project summary report is the most efficient way to get up to speed on a project. It contains the most recent information in an easy to read format. To receive a daily project status summary, simply follow a project and Intervals will dispatch a digest of the previous day’s activities to your inbox […]

How do I set a project as billable or unbillable?

Intervals task scheduling software allows you to set a project to billable or unbillable When editing or creating a project plan. The billable yes/no preference is on the project profile page. Tracking billable hours is done within this preference which controls the add time dialogue for the project. When No is selected the add time dialogue […]

Can I edit the project number or use custom project numbers?

If you happen to have project numbers/codes that are not numerical or that are not sequential, there is not a way to add an additional field to projects at this time but a workaround is to append or prepend the number/code to the project name. We have seen Intervals customers that have pretty customized job […]

Can I setup pre-pay contracts and retainers?

You can and Intervals handles this scenario really well. When we first built Intervals we were doing a healthy amount of web development on the Pelago side of our business. We typically did custom development projects that were followed up with maintenance contracts. We would offer pricing discounts on our hourly rate based on how […]

Can I create task dependencies?

Intervals task and project management software is designed in a fashion that does not include traditional task dependencies like the waterfall method and MS Project utilizes (Finish to Finish, Start to Start, lag, lead, etc.) and Intervals is built more around Agile project manager philosophies ( where tasks are more free form in nature and […]

Can a project belong to more than one client?

There is a one to one relationship with clients and projects and a project cannot belong to more than one client at this time. This is done primarily from the project level permissions Intervals features where non administrators (managers, resources and executives) only see projects where they are members of the project team and for […]

Can I setup a rate per person?

The most common use for work types is for the type of activity being performed as opposed to the person, but Intervals is pretty flexible with how it handles work types and you can create rates per person. We have seen a lot of different ways to do it. For example: Junior Copywriting Senior Copywriting […]

Should a “job” be a project or a task?

It really depends on how big the job is. If you happen to have very small jobs that don’t have long life spans we recommend broader projects and using a task to execute the work. Some of our customers that have come over from agency type of software initially setup jobs as projects but then […]

How do I use work types and modules?

Work types and modules are an integral part of the project hierarchy in Intervals online project management software. Modules are typically used for a phase of a project or for a feature being developed. They are “categories” where time and tasks are attached for reporting and for management. For example, say designing a logo can […]

How do I use the project dashboard?

The project overview dashboard is an overview that shows tasks and time. At the top there is a quick overview of the tasks by status and links to a report if you wish to see more detail. At the top right there is a time overview pie chart for a quick glance at the usage […]

Project budgets and estimated work, how does it work?

In Intervals, every time you create a project, there is an optional budget amount: This project budget on the profile view is the high level budget for the project and can be whatever you like. If you flat bid it can be that amount. If you do a combination of flat bids and hourly bids it […]

What does uninvoiced mean?

On the project dashboard and on the outstanding balance report there are references to uninvoiced. In the screenshot below the uninvoiced line item shows the amount of billable work that has been done, but not yet invoiced. Think of it as a cue that a client may need to get invoiced for work performed. In […]

How do I create a project?

Projects can only be created by administrator level users by going to Projects >> Create a new project. If your account is not a administrator you can reach out to an administrator on your account to create the project for you. They will also need to give you access to the project. The reason for this […]

How do I add a project feed to my RSS reader?

Each Intervals project has a feed that is updated whenever a milestone, task, document or other project asset is added or updated. This feed is also available as an authenticated RSS feed. To add the project management RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader, first make sure the reader supports authentication RSS feeds. The following […]

Using the project feed and subscribing to activity via RSS

The project activity feed, available to each project, provides a real-time list of recent project updates. Task updates, document uploads, time entries, milestone changes — every addition and update related to the project will be listed. The project management RSS feed has options for viewing by  day, or week. The RSS subscription feature can be […]

How do I use project templates?

Any creative agency that has been in business for a short while will notice similarities between projects for different clients. Projects tend to repeat themselves. There is a lot of overlap between projects when designing and developing web sites. This is especially true for agencies that focus on clients in niche industries. Create a reusable […]

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