What does uninvoiced mean?

On the Project Dashboard and on the Outstanding Balances Report there are references to uninvoiced. In the screenshot below the uninvoiced line item shows the amount of billable work that has been done, but not yet invoiced. Think of it as a cue that a client may need to get invoiced for work performed. In […]

How do I create a project?

Projects can only be created by administrator level users by going to Projects >> Create a new project. If your account is not a administrator you can reach out to an administrator on your account to create the project for you. They will also need to give you access to the project. The reason for this […]

How do I add a project feed to my RSS reader?

Each Intervals project has a feed that is updated whenever a milestone, task, document or other project asset is added or updated. This feed is also available as an authenticated RSS feed. To add the feed to your favorite RSS reader, first make sure the reader supports authentication RSS feeds. The following instructions apply specifically […]

Using the project feed to view project activity

The project activity feed, available to each project, provides a real-time list of recent project updates. Task updates, document uploads, time entries, milestone changes — every addition and update related to the project will be listed. The feed has options for viewing by day, week, or month. Ways to view the Project Activity Feed: From […]

How to create and manage project templates

Any creative agency that has been in business for a short while will notice similarities between projects for different clients. Projects tend to repeat themselves and there is a lot of overlap between projects when designing and developing web sites. This is especially true for agencies that focus on clients in niche industries. Create a […]

How do I add project payments?

Recording payments on each project is a great way to keep track of a project’s outstanding balance. Some projects might receive a payment up front, others may not receive payment until midway through and/or the end. By tracking payments, Intervals is able to show how much work was completed compared to how much money was […]

How do I use project budget alerts?

Each project can be configured to alert the project manager when a percentage of the overall budget has been reached. To set this up, go to the project profile page and edit the project. Enter the percentage of the budget that should be used to trigger the email alert. A good place to start is […]

How do I add an expense? What is a fee?

Projects sometimes incur expenses outside of normal hourly billing. For example, you may need to purchase a typeface to use in a design, or pay for travel costs to visit a client. The expenses section of each project is the best way to capture this information. To add a project expense: Go to the project […]

How do I follow a project?

Following a project is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest project activity. When you follow a project you will receive an email each morning detailing what happened on the project the previous day. It will contain details of any new or updated time, tasks, milestones, and other project related updates. To follow […]

What are project notes? Who has access to project notes?

Project notes are a great way to store information related to a project. It could be a procedure, a login or any note that is needed when working on the project. Intervals lets you store anything you want in the project notes. With project notes, Administrator level users see all project notes. For the other […]

What do I do with a project once it is complete?

Once a project is completed it is no longer necessary to keep it in the project list, or have its tasks hanging around where they will clutter your workflow. Intervals projects have a status field that can be set from Active to Inactive. Once a project is set to Inactive, Intervals will push it to […]

How do I set a project to inactive?

Setting projects to inactive is a great way to archive completed projects and stay under the project limit for your plan. And, keeping the number of active projects to a minimum helps you stay organized and efficient. Once a project is set to inactive, Intervals will push it to the background where it won’t clutter […]

Can I add a default module/work type to existing projects?

When a project is created it automatically inherits the list of default work types and modules from the Settings & Defaults section of your account. But what happens when you add a new default? Existing projects will not automatically inherit default work types and modules created after the project. The newly created work type or […]

What is the hierarchy of the projects?

Intervals’ project hierarchy starts with the Client and then moves into Projects, Milestones, Modules, Tasks and then Work Types. Here is a high-level relationship project management diagram that shows the hierarchy of elements: Clients When you first create your account you have an option to create your own company as a client. We recommend this […]

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