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Who are the system generated emails sent from?

A customer in support recently asked the following question.

We use the project budget alert functionality quite a bit. When a budget alert is triggered what email address sends the email? Can we change the master account email or is it one of our users?

Most of the alerts that are sent are based on the user making the action. If a task is updated, the email update is sent on behalf of the user making the update. There are situations where the notification action is not being triggered by a user but is generated by the system. In these cases, the alert notification is sent on behalf of the Intervals administrator that owns the account.

When the account was first setup, the initial user that agreed to the terms of service and set up the account is the Intervals administrator. The user experience for this user is pretty much identical to other administrators, but per our terms of service they are the account owner. When an alert is triggered by the system, this user’s email address is used.

Here are a few examples:

If someone replies to the email the Intervals administrator is notified.

The current Intervals administrator can be viewed by navigating to Settings & Defaults.

Intervals Administrator

If you ever need to change the Intervals administrator, the current Intervals administrator can navigate to Settings & Defaults and select another user as the account owner. In essence, they can demote their account and promote another user.

So, to answer the initial question, there isn’t an email field that can be configured but you can control which email address is used for the system generated emails via the Intervals administrator account.

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