Can I include or ignore words in my search?

Intervals’ search supports advanced operators. To exclude a word, add a dash (-) before a word or phrase to exclude all results that include that word: jaguar -car You can also use quotes to exclude a whole phrase: soccer -“world cup” You can also target searches to the name or description of a project and […]

How do I use the advanced search?

The advanced search is reachable in two ways: OR   Once there, you can search in these primary methods: Match any words This search returns items containing one or more of the provided keywords. Searching for keyword1 keyword2¬†is interpreted as being¬†keyword1 OR keyword2. Match all words The same as above, but requires all words. If […]

Why can’t I find tasks for an inactive project?

In order to see tasks or milestones for an inactive project, the project must be set back to Active. The data cannot be accessed because the project has been “archived”. This is done by design to push the completed work to the background and to cut down on clutter. Time data for inactive projects is […]

Can I search for when a task was closed?

You can. The advanced search that is available in the footer dock can search by when tasks were closed. 1. In the footer dock on the lower right, click on Advanced Search link. 2. On the advanced task search you can specify closed tasks and when the task was closed. This will return a task […]

How does the search functionality work? What can I search?

What can be searched? You can currently search these types of items: Project Notes (except encrypted note descriptions) Documents Milestones Projects People Invoices Request queue items How can you search? Each search is located on the left column filter form, right above the filter button: Just enter the search text on the text field labeled […]

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