Parking an Intervals Account

If you need to pause your Intervals account, but do not want to cancel the account there is an option. Per our terms of service when an account is cancelled the account data is deleted except for some general usage data. This is done to protect the privacy of your data. Since you cancelled we […]

Can I pay annually or quarterly? and by check?

The only payment option at this time is a monthly subscription via Credit or Debit Card (AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). Per our terms of service the current payment arrangement is a month-to-month subscription without any long term commitment. Intervals is considered by some to be the best online project management software, but we want […]

How do I reset my password?

If you do not recall your username and/or password your login information can be reset from the login page of your account. Simply click on the forgot link: Then, to locate your info, enter either your username OR the primary email address that is associated with the account: From there you will receive an email […]

How do I locate my Intervals subdomain name where I login?

If you can’t find where to log into your account, each Intervals account comes with a unique subdomain that identifies the account. This is done by design so that you can personalize Intervals to match your brand as much as possible with the name “Intervals” being front and center. If you setup your account and […]

Can I include my VAT number in my monthly receipt?

If your official VAT number must be associated with the account we can definitely do this. There is a Customer Billing ID associated with each account and it can be set to whatever is needed. For example, we can change it to be something like Company Name (VAT No 123456789). If a VAT number receipt […]

My credit card shows a charge from why?

Why am I being charged? Intervals, web-based time, task & project management software Pelago is a software development company based in Santa Barbara, CA and has been in business since 2000. Pelago is the creator of Intervals, a web-based task, time and project management service that is used by small businesses in over 100 countries […]

Can I change my account name?

The account name can be changed by going to Options >> Settings & Defaults. The name is located in the section called Company Info. When this field is updated all future outgoing emails are also be updated.

How do I view my receipts?

The email addresses that receives the monthly receipt can be configured directly from within the account by navigating to Options >> Plan Info >> Billing history.¬†Additionally, there is a section in the right hand column where you can add more email addresses.    

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Any administrator level user with access to the Plan Info section can upgrade or downgrade the account by navigating to Options >> Plan Info. If the current data usage is eligible for a downgrade a “Downgrade to…” button will appear. Otherwise a message will appear with prerequisite actions that need to be done to fulfill […]

How do the active project limits work?

Intervals pricing is based on the number of active projects, where each plan limits the number of projects based on the plan. Please note this does not apply to plans that offer unlimited active projects. When a project is completed, we recommend deactivating it to hide it in the project list. Inactive projects do not […]

How do I cancel my account?

The account can be cancelled by logging in and going to Options (top right) >> Plan info. On the plan info page there is an option to cancel service. Also, there is an option to export any of your data as well in case you would like to hold onto it.¬†When the account is cancelled […]

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