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Can I edit my Customer ID? Can I include my VAT number or custom information in my monthly invoice/receipt?

This Customer ID field can be used for a number of different purposes, for example, to include an exact company or department name. Because the Customer ID shows up on each monthly receipt/invoice, it is ideal for including details that may be needed for at your company for processing accounts payable.

To get started, navigate to ⚙ → Plan info and click “Billing info,” then click the edit icon. Each account has a Customer ID associated with it that can be customized to include whatever is needed.

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Edit the Customer ID field and enter the desired company name and/or VAT number.

Customer ID

If your official VAT number must be associated with your account for the monthly invoice/receipt that you receive, it can be changed to something like Acme Consulting Services (VAT No 123456789).

You do not need to re-enter your credit card information. You can change only the Customer ID field and save.

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