Using MS Access with the Intervals API

This guide helps you get data from your Intevals account into MS Access. MS Access does not have native import of REST API data sources, nevertheless you can still make use of an Excel that already has data connections setup. Before proceeding, download the Excel starter template and follow the instructions for replacing your API […]

Starter excel template for accessing the REST API

This starter template makes use of our REST API for Intervals and enables you to quickly see your data outside of Intervals. You can view the most used items in your account: People Clients Projetcts Tasks Time To get started, you’ll need to sign into your account and generate your API token. Next, download our […]

Retrieve data using Excel and Intervals API

This guide allows you to connect to your Intervals account using our API and Excel from Microsoft 365. First, get your API token from your account section. Navigate to Data > From Web: Enter the following information in the From Web settings below. The value for Authorization is the word “Basic” followed by a space, […]

How do I get an API token?

The Intervals API uses token-based authentication. Every Intervals user has a unique 11-character alphanumeric token that looks something like this: a78828gq6t4. Each person must manually enable his or her Intervals API token by going to the My Account -> API Access under Options. There, you will be able to view, generate, revoke, and regenerate your token. […]

Who can use the API?

The API can be used by these access levels: Administrator Manager Resource Executive The same user permissions that apply in the interface also apply to the API. We built our API according to RESTful API standards, which is the most common standard for developing APIs. Any developer that is competent and well versed in using RESTful APIs […]

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