Is Intervals available in a language other than English?

The interface is only available in English at this time but we support over seventy locales for date, time and currency formatting. Localization/translation of the interface is not on the development plan but it is being considered and may make it onto the development plan in the future. Here is the list of locales that […]

Advanced theme editor tips & tricks

Intervals features an advanced theme editor that allows you to change the appearance by making additions to the stylesheets.  This allows you to add more personalized changes to the interface easily with the use of CSS. To access this part of the application, you’ll need to be an administrator level user with access to Settings […]

Does Intervals have an Android or iOS app?

We do not have a native app for Android or iOS at this time but we do have a mobile experience that uses the mobile browser.  If you into your Intervals account from the web browser on your phone, the mobile experience will load. The current mobile experience supports tasks and time. Here is a little […]

How do I add my own custom CSS?

If you navigate to Options >> Settings & Defaults: There is a link in the right hand column to “try the advanced theme editor”: By adding custom CSS to this field it enables every page within the application to be fully customized to your liking. You may also load the current theme CSS to customize […]

How do I change the visual theme?

The account can be branded by going to Options >> Settings & Defaults: On this page is the option to upload a logo and select a color theme. If you would like to customize the look further, there is the option to use the Advanced Theme Editor. This can be used to modify the CSS […]

How do I change my account name or subdomain?

Both the account name and sub-domain can be changed by going to Options >> Settings & Defaults. The name is located in the section called Company Info. When this field is updated all future outgoing emails are also be updated. To change the subdomain, have an administrator go into Options >> Settings & Defaults and […]

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