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Can you bulk update the project budget alert threshold?

A customer asked the following question which got converted into a feature request and then a feature. Is there any way to change all the alerts for projects at one time? We have so many projects that manually changing them would be time consuming. Project budget alerts are a convenient way to receive a notification […]

Can I set default rates per client?

A customer asked the following question: I was wondering if there was a way to set default rates for individual clients rather than only having the rates in system wide. Or even on the project level? There is not a way to create a pool of separate defaults for different clients. There is only one […]

How to manage project labels

Project labels, found under the Settings & Defaults section of your account, provide a way to customize your workflows at the project level. The labels in your list could be project steps, phases, tags, or categories. It’s really up to you how you want to customize your project labels. For example, this list can be […]

How to create and manage a retainer project

Intervals is a flexible project management tool that is agnostic in regards to fixed price, time and material, and retainer projects. This flexibility enables you to designate and track different types of billable projects. This help article will cover our recommended best practices for configuring and managing a retainer project. Creating the project Create the […]

How to deactivate a module

Modules are a powerful feature that enable you to segment your tasks into custom categories. After setting up the initial list of modules, each new project will contain a pool of those default modules that are available for tasks. As the project progresses, and more tasks are assigned, having them categorized by module makes for […]

Can I assign a work type to a person?

When a project is created the default list of work types will be copied to its Estimated Work & Rates section. After removing any unnecessary work types and adding any custom ones, this list becomes the pool of work types that will be available to anyone adding time to that project. However, there is not […]

Can projects billable / unbillable setting be changed in bulk?

We received the following support question from an Intervals customer: I need some assistance on changing a number of projects. Can we somehow update all projects to be non-billable? When creating new projects there is a billable / unbillable setting that controls the default add time behavior for the project. More information on setting projects […]

How to change hourly rates in the middle of a project

The hourly rates for each work type are initialized from the default hourly rates when the project is created. From then on, the hourly rate is applied to any time entries tracked on the project or its tasks. If an hourly rate is updated mid project, all of the time entries for that work type […]

Is there a way to add an expense to a task?

There is not a way to add an expense directly to a task, but there is one option that usually accomplishes the goal. When adding an expense there is a note field. The note field can be used to reference the task. If you need to track the person that the expense is associated with […]

How to handle departments?

We recently received the following email from a customer. How to handle departments? We have several departments in our company, and we are trying to find a way to mark each task with a department code. Is that somehow possible? There are a few different options on this front. When Intervals is used primarily as […]

How do I delete a project?

A project can be deleted by finding the project in the projects section then clicking on delete in the left-hand column. This will take you to a confirmation dialogue where the deletion must be confirmed. For a project that has a healthy amount of data accumulated we recommend setting the project to inactive. When a […]

Gantt chart tips & tricks

In the reporting section there is a Gantt and when viewing an individual project in the project section there is a Gantt chart link to view a Gantt chart for that particular project. The Gantt chart helps you visualize your tasks, milestones and projects and includes the ability to drag around elements to reschedule your […]

How do I change an inactive project to active?

Administrator level users can easily change a project from Inactive to Active. 1. Find the Inactive project navigate to the “Projects” Tab. Click on the “More filters” icon on the far right and ensure the option “Show active projects only” is unchecked. If needed, you can add filter options in the left sidebar, to narrow […]

Is there a Kanban view available?

Kanban functionality is integrated into the task listing via the Card view functionality. The task listing has three different ways to view tasks. Task Views – Table, Card, & Simple Table view (Default task listing) Card view (Kanban board) Simple view (Simplified task listing) Switching into the Card view of tasks launches the fully integrated […]

Can I bulk update someone’s project access?

In Intervals a person’s project access can be modified in bulk by looking up the person in the people section and editing the Project Access section. When in edit mode you can toggle between showing only active projects or all projects. You can then update the projects you want them to have access to by […]

Using the Daily Project Summary

The Daily Project Summary email is the most efficient way to get up to speed on a project. It contains the most recent information in an easy to read format. To receive a daily project status summary, simply follow a project and Intervals will dispatch a digest of the previous day’s activities to your inbox […]

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