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How to handle departments?

We recently received the following email from a customer.

How to handle departments? We have several departments in our company, and we are trying to find a way to mark each task with a department code. Is that somehow possible?

There are a few different options on this front. When Intervals is used primarily as an internal tool often times clients are used as departments. This allows you to run reports and filter work (projects, tasks, etc.) by the department/client.

By using a client for department, all tasks, time, documents, etc. are associated with the department through the projects associated with the client. If you don’t need to wall off a project specifically into a department another option is to setup modules with the department specified. If modules are used, you can track certain tasks and time within a project to departments. When adding time or creating tasks you would select the client, project, then module (department). Since this question was specifically asked about tying tasks to departments this might be the best option. This also allows you to use one project to track various departments instead of using a client specific project.

If you have certain departments handle certain projects and the department is specified at the project level, you can append or prepend the department to the project name [Project Name (Department) or (Department) Project Name] as well. The same method can be used to categorize a project if needed.

Hopefully one of those options will work out. If not, please contact our support team and let us know.

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