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How to manage request queue attendants

The work request queue is temporary holding place for collecting incoming client requests. They are stored here until they can be assigned as a new task or appended to an existing task. A request queue attendant can be any person or persons in your account that should have access to the queue, and should be […]

Using Images Inline (pasting & dragging)

Video Introduction to Using Images Inline This video introduces how to use images in your worfkow. You can paste images or drag and drop images inline with tasks, milestones, the work request queue, and project notes. Images used with email integration will also maintain their order and formatting. If you are new to Intervals you […]

Integrating Slack into the Work Request Queue

Slack is a messaging app for teams who want to communicate and share files online. Intervals has integrated its Request Queue with Slack. When a new request is created in your request queue, Intervals will send a message to the Slack channel you selected to be notified. The Slack – Request Queue integration is a quick and […]

Integrating HipChat into the Work Request Queue

## Update | 02/15/2019 ## Atlassian (the creator of HipChat) has announced that February 15th, 2019 is the official end of HipChat’s life. HipChat integration with Intervals will no longer work and the functionality will be removed from Intervals. More information about Atlassian’s decision to end HipChat and how you can export your data is […]

How do I append a request to an existing task?

When there is an existing task and a request queue item is related to it, there is a quick way to “merge” them into one. For example, a client may have a detailed project update accompanied by several documents. Instead of emailing you directly they can send the email to the mailbox you have set […]

How does the Hopper whitelist work?

The Hopper whitelist is the optional list of emails that are permitted to send emails to the request queue. Other emails that are accepted are sender email addresses that correspond with a valid client contact or a user with a login. Additionally, the whitelist only applies to emails sent to The whitelist will not […]

How do I use the work request queue?

Overview Intervals was built out of a ticketing system philosophy where a request can be queued, prioritized and assigned.  Here are different ways of working with the request queue: POP/IMAP queue: Intervals will check an email account that you control every 10 minutes to convert emails into work requests. Work requests display under Tasks > Request […]

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