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Can I pause a recurring task?

A customer recently asked the following question: I am responsible for many of our monthly recurring tasks. I am going to be on leave. Is there a way to pause my recurring tasks? I would hate to have to turn off the recurrence. I like having the history with all of the tasks tied together. […]

How do I remove recurrence from a recurring task?

A customer recently asked the following question about recurring tasks: There are a few tasks in our account that are outdated and have been closed multiple times but keep coming back. Can someone from support look into this and refrain these tasks from coming back? When a recurring tasks is closed, this does not stop […]

Monthly Recurring Tasks

A customer recently asked this question. Many of our tasks are start on the 1st, end of the last day of the month. How do we setup the task profile to create a task on June 1 that is due on June 30. Recurring tasks are driven by the start date and duration of the […]

Introduction to Recurring Tasks

What are recurring tasks? We created the recurring tasks feature so that companies can automate workflows around assigning and managing work that is repetitive in nature. There are an infinite number of different use cases for this feature, however, the common denominator is that each new task is automatically created and appended to a series […]

How to create a recurring task

A recurring task is created like any other task, but with one additional step — a recurring schedule is attached to it. This step of filling out the recurring schedule can be done at the same time the task is created. Here’s how: Go to Tasks → Create a new task Fill out the task […]

How to add recurrence to an existing task

Any existing task can have a recurring schedule added to it. This can be done by filling out the recurrence settings for that task. Here’s how: Click to view the task that you would like to add recurrence to. Click the tab labeled “Recurrence” to reveal the scheduling options Select whether the task should be […]

What is a recurring task profile?

The term “recurring task profile” is a designation given to the task that is serving as the template for the series. For most use cases this will be the first task in the series. While still a task, being the recurring task profile means the task also includes the scheduling instructions for how future tasks […]

Recurring tasks and email notifications

When it comes to notifying people about a task update, recurring tasks function much like any other task. The owners, assignees, and followers who have the relevant email preferences enabled are notified by email. The only person not notified is the one who’s updating the task. This has always been the case, as Intervals doesn’t […]

What happens when the next recurring task can’t be created?

There are some scenarios where Intervals will be unable to repeat the next recurring task in a series. When that happens, recurrence will be halted and the task owner is notified. To resume recurrence, the task first needs to be updated to resolve the issue that caused recurrence to stop. There will be a notice […]

How to manage a task in a series

The most recently created task in a recurring series will typically be the main focus of your team’s work efforts. At some point, however, there will be a need to update an earlier task in the series. This is even more likely to happen if there are two or more tasks in the series that […]

When are recurring tasks created?

Intervals will create each task in the series just after midnight on the day of its next scheduled recurrence. For example, a task set to repeat on the Monday of each week will be created in the wee hours of Monday morning. By the time you’ve sat down to start your work day, the newly […]

Recurring tasks scheduling options

When scheduling a recurring task there are several options that will govern how new tasks in the series will be created. Here’s how each of those options works. Schedule Determines the frequency at which each new task in the series will be created. The options are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Each of scheduling […]

How do I enable recurring tasks in my Intervals account?

The recurring tasks feature is currently a beta feature that is available to all accounts. Previously it was only available to our early adopter customers, but it has been released as a beta feature for all accounts. We are in the process of collecting feedback and iterating on this feature to get it ready for […]

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