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How to add recurrence to an existing task

Any existing task can have a recurring schedule added to it. This can be done by filling out the recurrence settings for that task. Here’s how:

  1. Click to view the task that you would like to add recurrence to.
  2. Click the tab labeled “Recurrence” to reveal the scheduling optionsAdd Recurrence
  3. Select whether the task should be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.Add recurrence to a task
  4. Review the schedule settings and select the day the task should be repeated.
  5. Choose the date the recurrence should start
  6. Select the option for how and when recurrence should end.
    1. Use the End by option if you want recurrence to stop by a given date
    2. Use the End after option if you want the task to repeat X number of times
    3. Use the No end date option if you want the task to repeat infinitely
  7. Choose whether or not a copy of the task’s documents should be included on each task in the series.
  8. Save the recurrence.

Keep in mind, this task will now be the template for recurrence as well as the first task in the series. Go ahead and work the task through to completion like you would any other task. When the next task in the series is created it will look mostly the same, with the only exception being that the task’s history and time entries will not be repeated, and the status will revert to your account’s default task status.

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