How do I update my email address?

To update the email address associated with your Intervals account navigate to the “My Account” page. Then click “edit” to modify your profile information. Make the change to your email address and click save.

How to resend an invitation to a new user

When a person has been created, but not yet logged in, it may be necessary to resend the initial invite that includes instructions and a link for setting up the username and password for their new account. Here are the steps to do this: Log in as an administrator level user Click on the People […]

How to utilize the “Add to all future projects” feature

An Intervals customer asked the following question: When setting up new projects do you need to allocate these projects individually to each person or can this be automatically populated as the new project is setup? We have approximately 60 people on the system that we would prefer not to have to go into each individual […]

Can I restrict a resource to their own tasks?

We received the following question from an Intervals customer. How do I stop resources from assigning time to a task they are not assigned? By default, manager and resource level users see all tasks for the projects that they have been granted access (Administrators see all projects and all tasks). As an administrator you can […]

Using Google sign in to create an Intervals trial account

After selecting an Intervals plan, you will be prompted to create an Intervals Administrator account. Click on the “Sign in with Google” button to create this account using your Google account. If you are already signed into your Google account, you will be taken to the final step of the sign up. Note: If you […]

How do I use Google sign in to log into my Intervals account?

If you already have a login with your Intervals account, to start logging in with your Google account, follow the steps below: Navigating to the “My Account” page via the menu bar In the Login Information section, click on “Sign in with Google” When signing in with Google, the Google email account you are currently […]

Can users edit and delete their own comments?

By default, only Administrator level users are allowed to edit and delete comments on tasks and milestones. Administrators can grant permission to Manager and Resource level users allowing them to edit and delete their own comments.   Note: Administrator level users are the only users that can edit and delete ALL comments. To grant access: […]

Can I bulk update someone’s project access?

In Intervals a person’s project access can be modified in bulk by looking up the person in the people section and editing the Project Access section. When in edit mode you can toggle between showing only active projects or all projects. You can then update the projects you want them to have access to by […]

Can email notifications be disabled for tasks?

Each team member can edit their own task email notification settings by navigating to ‘My Email Preferences’ under their user profile: Under the ‘Notifications’section, uncheck the boxes labeled ‘Task Comments,’ ‘Task Updates,’ and any other notifications you want to turn off: It is also possible for an administrator level user to do this for others […]

Can I reset another user’s username and password?

By design passwords are private to each person but there are two options on this front. Administrator level users can look up the person in the people section and then click on the link at the top of the person’s profile to trigger an email to set their log in information. Another option is to […]

Can I add a cost rate per person and per client?

The intent with Intervals is to track the client facing total as opposed to an internal cost total and Intervals is light on accounting functionality in general. There is not a way to enter a cost rate and a client facing rate at this time. Data can be exported and the rates modified to apply […]

How do the project level permissions work?

Intervals features project level permissions. This means, any team member that has access to a project can see the tasks, project notes, and documents for that project. Administrators by default have access to all projects, but manager level users need to be given access to each project. This can be done in two ways: 1. […]

What is a client contact?

A client contact is a person who is associated with a Client, but they lack login information as well as project level access. This type of user can be setup by skipping the login and permissions steps by clicking on the “Save contact information only” button: Contacts can only be seen by Administrator level users. […]

A person left my company. What do I do?

We recommend setting the user to inactive instead of deleting the user. Deleting a user deletes their profile, contact information and the following data: time entries timers project permissions removes them from any assigned, owned or followed tasks and owned milestones removes them from any managed projects To preserve their data but remove their ability […]

How do I create a person?

Any Administrator level user can create people. Navigate to People >> Create a new person to start the process. Continue reading for a deeper dive into what the different options mean within Intervals. Creating a new person flow: Profile Client: Associating a person with a client, though not required, is useful for grouping them together […]

What are the four user levels?

Administrators Administrators are the only user level not limited by project level permissions and can see and do everything. With Intervals online business software they can change the site settings, create users, create projects, edit time, and approve time. The user access levels of an Administrator is the only user that can approve timesheets. This […]

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