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Who can see the People tab? Can I control which users see which people?

A new Intervals customer asked the following question:

Is there a way to restrict access to the list of people so that only certain users or user types are able to view people?

The people tab is controlled by a combination of the four user levels and what project access a person has. Here is a rundown of the user levels and how they interact with the people section.

Administrator level users see the people section and everyone in it.

Resources & Managers
Resources and managers see the people section, but who they see is controlled by their project access. The project level permissions control whom they see. They do not see all people and only see people if they share at least one common project with another person.

Say for example a resource level user has access to project A, B, and C whereas a second resource level user has access to project D, E, and F they would not see one another. If they share access to one project, then they would see one another.

The intent is to allow project teams to work together. If two people do not work on a project together, they do not see each other.

Executive level users do not see the people section. Additionally, they never see people’s names unless a task or comment milestone is made and executive users are explicitly allowed to see it.

If you are new to Intervals the help article with videos that shows the user levels can be helpful. Since our pricing model is not based on the number of users you can always create a sample user and log in as them to see what they see.

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