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How to Calculate Profitability with Reports and Excel

One of the core strengths of Intervals is its comprehensive and intuitive time tracking features. Whether or not you bill hourly for your time, tracking your working hours in Intervals results in a trove of useful data that can be analyzed using a suite of fast and flexible reports. In this help article, we’ll show […]

Can you hide the hours on the Gantt chart?

A customer made the following feature request. It would be good if you could run the Gantt and not show the estimated and actual time. We are just starting a project that is fixed cost, not hours-based, and I would like to provide the Gantt for the timeline information. But not show the hours as […]

Is there a way to set a budget alert by task?

We received this feature request from a customer. Could we have a “budget trigger” for individual tasks, similar to the budget trigger email for overall projects? I would like to be notified when a task is reaching budget, as the overall project budget is not granular enough for us. There is not presently a way […]

Can I control the page orientation of scheduled reports?

A customer asked the following question: I have a weekly dashboard that I email to myself and it really needs to be landscape instead of portrait. There is a lot of data in the report and controlling the layout would be helpful. Can this be added? When we first launched scheduled reports this was not […]

How to display unbillable time

Billable projects will often include some unbillable time. Intervals gives your team the option to mark their time entries as unbillable, so that every hour can be tracked and accounted for. However, the dashboards and estimate vs actual pages of a billable project will default to displaying only the billable. So, how do you display […]

Is there a way to set monthly timesheets?

We received the following support question: We are testing Intervals and have a question, can we setup monthly not weekly timesheets and if not, what do you suggest we do when a week covers two months as we need to close out and report to the government on first of each month our activity in […]

Is there an activity log that shows a person’s activity?

An Intervals customer asked the following question: Is there an activity report that shows a user’s activity? We need to see a log file of changes made by a person. Does that exist? When viewing a person in the people section, there is an option to view recent activity for the person. Here is where […]

An Overview of Every Intervals Report

Intervals has a lot of reports. While the filter options are mostly the same for creating reports, each one has a different approach to querying and visualizing your data. This article provides an overview of each report to help you decide which report is best for your various needs. Before we begin, let’s talk about […]

Saving and scheduling reports for automated delivery

Video Introduction to Saving and Scheduling Reports This video introduces how to save a report and schedule it for automated delivery. Saving a report allows you to run the report again in the future with a single click, and scheduling the report allows you to deliver a PDF or CSV version of the report to […]

Is there a way to add an expense to a task?

There is not a way to add an expense directly to a task, but there is one option that usually accomplishes the goal. When adding an expense there is a note field. The note field can be used to reference the task. If you need to track the person that the expense is associated with […]

Does Intervals include a Gantt chart?

Two minute Intruction to the Intervals Gantt chart If you are new to Gantt Charts (checkout Wikipedia for a history of Gantt charts), a Gantt chart is a visual representation that shows how a project is meant to unfold. Many organizations use “project plan” and “Gantt chart” as synonyms. A Gantt chart is primarily a […]

Using the Project Activity report to review and edit time

Intervals allows you organize and run reports on your time in an infinite number of ways. However, this freedom to track time how you want means that there are few constraints. So, how do you make sure your team is tracking their time as instructed? Running a Project Activity report by task is one of […]

Using the Crosschart report to review time

Intervals can track time many different ways and tries not to place too many constraints on the time tracking process. So, how do you make sure your team is tracking their time as instructed? The Crosschart Report is one of three different methods we typically recommend to our customers who want to review their team’s […]

How do I share a saved report with other administrators?

This help article shows how to share the report parameters used to generate a report with other administrators so that they can run the report themselves. If you are trying to find out about scheduling a report and having a PDF emailed with the actual report data, this help article covers report automation. When running […]

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