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How can I see a summary of the value of work or earnings from my projects?

We received the following question from an Intervals customer.

I would like to see the dashboard summary for all projects for a single calendar year, or across a specified time (Oct - Oct) due to fiscal year planning. This is primarily for me to see that high level of hours allotted, total monies budgeted, total earnings, etc.

For the "dashboard" is there a way to add the feature to view during specific dates? Or is there another report I should focus on?

Because projects may start/stop over the year, I would still want the option of seeing inactive and active together, or separate.

There are a few options on this front. One item is the project landscape report. After running the report there are tabs that show time totals, budget totals, etc. It is similar to the dashboard page but broken down a little bit differently. The project landscape report is probably the most comprehensive high level report.

One thing that cannot be done with the landscape report (or the dashboard) is to apply a date range. The report can be exported to excel for additional manipulation if needed. You may be able to run the report, click on the budget & invoices tab, or time tab, then export the report and remove the projects that are not needed.

Project Landscape

Another option is the project listing itself. If you click on the export to Excel option at the top of the listing, there is a healthy amount of information in the export.

Export  Project Data

Here is an example of the exported data:

Excel Project Data

You may be able to run a filter (or search by name) that grabs all projects and then export the listing and remove the data that is not needed to narrow into the desired projects.

For seeing the actual amount of work done (and the financial value of work) for a date range, the project activity report is probably the best report. When running the report you can change the “summary only” drop down so that the work is subtotaled by the desired grouping (task, project, milestone, etc.). For example, you can group each project together to see the amount of work done by project.

Group Project Activity

Hopefully one of those options will do the trick. If they will not please contact our support team and let us know.

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