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Can I set default rates per client?

A customer asked the following question: I was wondering if there was a way to set default rates for individual clients rather than only having the rates in system wide. Or even on the project level? There is not a way to create a pool of separate defaults for different clients. There is only one […]

How to view other people’s timesheets

Intervals limits the viewing, editing, and approving of other people’s timesheets to only administrator level users. This is by design. A person’s timesheet captures time across multiple projects. A manager level user may or may not have access to those same projects. An administrator level user, however, is able to view all people and projects, […]

How to add time to a project

While Intervals does place an emphasis on tracking time on individual tasks, it does not require you to do so. You also have the option to add general time to projects. In fact, there are plenty of use cases when tracking time at the project level makes more sense: Phone calls that don’t have an […]

How to Import Time

There are a few scenarios where importing time entries is going to be faster and easier than entering them manually. For example, you may need to initialize your account with historical time tracking data. Or, you may have one or more weeks of time tracking data for your entire team in an Excel spreadsheet. The […]

Is there a way to round up time entered?

Yes, but there is a caveat. Some customers like to have uniformity when entering time, so data in reports is easier to digest. Intervals provides a feature for rounding up time when it is being entered. This is most useful when using timers, because timers can stop at odd times. To allow for consistent time […]

Can I still update my timesheet after submitting it for approval?

We received the following question from an Intervals customer: I accidentally submitted an incomplete timesheet. How do I modify it and resbumit the time? When a timesheet is submitted for approval it will remain in that state until an administrator approves it. As long as it hasn’t yet been approved you can continue updating your […]

Time tracking notifications

If you are new to tracking your time or need a friendly nudge, there are two time tracking notifications to help you stay on top of your time tracking and build good habits. The notifications are located beneath your name in the navigation. Click on the “Time tracking” tab to manage the time related notifications. […]

Can I copy my weekly timesheet?

Intervals features a weekly timesheet for each person on your account. All weekly project and task time is listed on this page, where it can be reviewed and edited. There is also an option to copy individual time entries. However, the weekly timesheet cannot be copied in it’s entirety. If there is a need to […]

How to submit your timesheet for approval

When you submit your timesheet for approval you are notifying the administrators of your account that your time for the week is ready to be reviewed and approved. Once it’s been approved by an administrator you will no longer be able to add or edit time for that week. Therefore, it’s important to review your […]

Can I change the amount of characters that are allowed when time is added? I need a larger description of work performed.

The default description of work performed is set at 255 characters. If you need more space, there is a setting that can be configured. The 255-character limit is plenty for most of our customers but if you need verbose descriptions of work performed included with each time entry this can be configured to match your […]

Is there a way to set monthly timesheets?

We received the following support question: We are testing Intervals and have a question, can we setup monthly not weekly timesheets and if not, what do you suggest we do when a week covers two months as we need to close out and report to the government on first of each month our activity in […]

Can projects billable / unbillable setting be changed in bulk?

We received the following support question from an Intervals customer: I need some assistance on changing a number of projects. Can we somehow update all projects to be non-billable? When creating new projects there is a billable / unbillable setting that controls the default add time behavior for the project. More information on setting projects […]

How do I locate and edit “general time” entries?

General time entries are time entries that are not associated with a task. When adding time manually or via a general timer you can select the desired task when applying time. A task is not required and general time can be applied to projects. An Intervals customer asked the following question: I have a project […]

Add a week’s worth of a time at once

One of the main reason’s why someone chooses Intervals over other time tracking systems is the valuable information that is learned from tracking time in a granular fashion. You have full control over your work types, rates, and module structure. You can setup your tracking however you like. If you need to see the time […]

What happens when I deactivate a work type?

We received the following question from an Intervals customer. What happens when I deactivate a work type? Am I no longer able to report on that work type? Setting a work type to inactive prevents the work type from being used going forward, it does not impact your ability to report on historical data in […]

Retrieve data using Excel and Intervals API

This guide allows you to connect to your Intervals account using our API and Excel from Microsoft 365. First, get your API token from your account section. Navigate to Data > From Web: Enter the following information in the From Web settings below and click OK: In the next step, fill out the form by […]

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