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I see that time is displayed in decimal format; can I add time in time format?

A customer asked the following question:

I see that the timers show time in time format (HH:MM:SS) but after I apply the time it shows in decimal format. I can see why for project calculations, but when manually adding time it is a bit awkward to add time in decimal format. Is there a setting to control this or a way to manually add time in time format (HH:MM:SS)?

The timers always track time in time format, but when time is applied, it is converted to decimal format. This is done by design to balance the convenience of time tracking in a familiar format while being able to run reports and show the value of work in a math friendly format.

Examples of timers

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Mobile App Timer

Active Timers Page

Active Timers

Manually Adding Time

When adding time manually, there is not a setting that controls whether or not the form is set to accept input in time format versus decimal format, but you can enter it either way. If you need to add an hour and a half of time you can enter it as 1.5 or 1:30.

Time Format

Using the colon : instructs the form that the time is in time format (HH:MM:SS) and it will automatically be converted for you.

Time Entry

If you roll your mouse over the lightbulb icon next to the time input field there is a tooltip that explains this functionality.

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