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📱 How to edit project permissions and set the project team

The project team settings for each project controls which people can access the project and its assets, such as time, documents, and milestones. It also determines whether or not those people can view private project notes. To edit the project team section on the mobile app, first go to the project listing and open the […]

📱 Logging in via the “send me an email link”

If you’re having trouble logging in for any reason, e.g. you don’t remember your domain name, you forgot your username and password, Intervals can send a link via email that will log you in automatically, simply by clicking on the link from your mobile device. Here are the steps for requesting a login link on […]

📱 Using the Request Queue via the Mobile App

When you are away from your desk, you can check the request queue on your iPhone or Android device. The request queue can be used to convert requests into tasks, append a new request to an existing task. The request queue is a great way to keep customer (or internal) work requests moving by setting […]

📱 An introduction to the Mobile App navigation

This video is a quick introduction to how to navigate around the mobile app. The time, task, and project sections can each be expanded to reveal the subnavigation. The gear icon can be used to sort and filter results on listing pages. When viewing a project there is a right context menu to reveal the […]

📱 What can I search for on the mobile app?

On the mobile app, you are able to search for Tasks, Projects & Project Notes. Here are the steps for searching in the mobile app: Click on the magnifying glass icon Enter the search term Select what you want to search for Click the Go button To further refine your search, click on the additional […]

📱 Viewing time entries with the daily and weekly view

With the mobile app you can view your time entries via the daily view and view your timesheet via the weekly view. When viewing the time section, the daily view will have the detailed time entries for each day. You can navigate through the week by clicking on each day. The weekly view is like […]

📱 Logging into the mobile app

Each Intervals account comes with its own custom subdomain. When logging into the Intervals mobile app, there is an extra step, as you have to identify the subdomain associated to your account. When launching the app for the first time you will be given two options for logging in. If you know your Intervals domain […]

📱 Is there an Intervals mobile app for Android or iPhone?

The Intervals mobile app is a companion for the desktop experience and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Click the corresponding link below to install it on your device.   The app allows you to track your time, manage your tasks, and update your projects when you are on the go. Features include: […]

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