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How can I export a client list?

We received the following question from an Intervals customer: I need to export a client list. Is there a way to export a client list into Excel? There are two ways to export a list of clients. 1. Utilize the Clients Section From within the interface, navigate to the “Clients” section in the navigation and […]

How to handle departments?

We recently received the following email from a customer. How to handle departments? We have several departments in our company, and we are trying to find a way to mark each task with a department code. Is that somehow possible? There are a few different options on this front. When Intervals is used primarily as […]

Does Intervals include CRM functionality?

If you are looking for true CRM functionality in a system with leads, opportunities, contact management and a funnel, Intervals doesn’t do that. However, Intervals can be used as a sales tool to keep track of leads and bids. A sales project can be used to keep all of your template documents stored within Intervals that […]

Can a project belong to more than one client?

The short answer is, no. There is a one to many relationship between clients and projects. Meaning, a project can belong only to one client, but, a client can have multiple projects assigned. To see which client is associated with a project, use the project listing or the project profile pages. On the listing page, […]

Why can’t I add time to a Client?

In Intervals, time isn’t added directly to a client, but rather to a project belonging to the client. Once a project has been added to a client they will be eligible for adding time. When adding time, only active projects appear in the dropdown lists, so be sure they have at least one active project.

How do I use the client dashboard?

The client dashboard is a client centric view of all the projects you’ve worked on with a specific client. The top of the client dashboard provides hi level information about the client with a breakdown of payment history by year. In the project balances section, you can toggle active and inactive projects if you prefer. […]

If I deactivate a client what happens?

In Intervals the project is the centerpiece and if its client is inactive, you can still add time to the projects as long as the project is active. When a client is set to inactive, it will no longer appear in dropdown lists like the task list filter. The exception is in reports. In order to […]

How can I interact with my clients in Intervals?

To get your clients setup using Intervals, create accounts for them using the Executive user level. This is a limited account that is perfect for client logins. More information about the executive user level can be found here. When the user is set up you will also decide which projects they can see. If you […]

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