Introduction and Access Levels

Our project management agency designed these tips to help you get the most out of managing projects and time with Intervals online task management software. Here you also get an introduction to the various access levels within our online task management software. What can you expect? Every Tuesday and Thursday, all Administrator level users will receive […]

Homepage Calendar

View your projects and tasks in one place. The calendar has three different views — week, month, or custom view. The custom view allows you to pick a date range in case you need specific dates. And, each view can be exported or subscribed to, using the iCalendar feature, so you can keep your 3rd party calendars synchronized. […]

Time Management

Curious where your time goes? Learn more about the best way to track time in Intervals. Intervals time management software features timers throughout the application. You can start a timer by clicking the small play button () on a task or on the General Timer in the footer: When you’re done, click “apply” to save […]

Task Management and Milestones

Too many projects, too little time, too much pressure… That is why we built Intervals. Juggle a lot of details and keep track of it all. Sound familiar? If it does, you’re overworked with too many responsibilities. If you bill hourly, all those details are costing you money if you’re not billing for “the little […]

Personalizing Intervals

Mold Intervals to match your workflow and processes. It all starts in Options >> Settings & Defaults. This section houses the defaults established when your Intervals account was first created. Maybe you’ve been staring at the Intervals logo for a little too long and you’d really like to see your own logo up there. No problem, just […]

Project Management

Don’t let a project spin out of control ever again. Ah, the joy and pain of managing projects. We built Intervals online project management software after two of our own larger projects spun out of control. We didn’t know we were over budget until it was too late. Intervals is here to make sure you […]


Know thyself. Know thy business. Reporting is one of the areas that really sets Intervals apart. You’ll discover lots of new ways of managing projects, team efforts and business productivity. Check out the bevy of reporting tools available to you, in the Reports section: For example, you can view a Mr. Pie Chart Report by […]

Client Management

Know which clients matter the most to your success. Who is your most important client? Which client uses up the most of your time? We added the Clients section to Intervals to help you “quantify the emotion” of being a service-based business. Using our client management tools, it quickly becomes obvious which clients are paying […]


Store and retrieve all your files online. Upload any type of file or attach files from Google drive directly to a project, milestone, or task. What types of files? A newly signed contract, a design comp, a snippet of code, or a screenshot. Once attached, you can access the files anywhere you have internet access. […]


Invoice early and often. Get paid quicker. With Intervals you create invoices in the same place that you track all of your work. Then, print, export or email them to your clients. There are two ways to create invoices within Intervals. Prefilled with work performed – select a start and end date and Intervals will […]

Miscellaneous Utilities

Project Notes These are notes you can add to a project. Project management notes are perfect for any project related information that might be useful. Project management notes have two modes: general and private. General notes can be read and accessed by anyone assigned to a project. Private notes, indicated by a small golden key , can […]

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