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Project Management

Don’t let a project spin out of control ever again.

Ah, the joy and pain of managing projects. We built Intervals after two of our own larger projects spun out of control. We didn’t know we were over budget until it was too late.

Intervals is here to make sure you know where your budgets stand and where every hour is going.

If your projects tend to be very similar in nature and are repeatable you may want to give copying a project a look. Templated projects can be created and then copied whenever a project of that type is needed.

Copy Project

To see all that Intervals can do for you at the project level, we encourage you to go to the projects tab and click on a single project. Explore the links on the left (dashboard, estimated vs. actual, expenses, etc.).

Project Navigation

Spend a few minutes getting acquainted with setting budgets and creating budget alerts. As is true with all project management, a few minutes of preparation at the beginning makes a huge difference in the final outcome. We encourage you to guess the hours, track a project end to end, and learn from the process.


Project Management Overview

Project Management Videos - Project Management Overview

Running time: 5:26

Gantt Chart

Project Management Videos - Gantt Chart

Running time: 2:10

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