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What does the eyeball icon mean on a task?

When viewing tasks on the task listing, on a milestone, or via the home page calendar you may have noticed an eyeball icon appears some times. The eyeball icon is a notification that someone else has worked on the task and you are yet to see the work. The task may have had a recent […]

Calendar Orientation Setting

Intervals has a system wide calendar orientation setting that can be edited by any Administrator with access to Settings & Defaults. This default setting will be selected for all newly created users. Each user has the option to override this setting and select their own calendar orientation on their profile page. A Monday – Sunday […]

Update items quickly via Drag & Drop on Calendar

From the Home Page Calendar, quickly update the following items via drag and drop: Task start & due dates Milestone due dates Notes to different days 1. Update task start or due date Drag the beginning of a task to update the start date Drag the end of the task to update the due date Drag the […]

Easily add time from the Home Page

From the Home Page you can quickly and easily add time. Here are a few shortcuts. Ways to add time in Week calendar view Click on the Add Time button. Right click on a day to add time for that day. Need to enter multiple time entries? Click on Add multiple time entries link. Right click […]

How do tasks span on the home page calendar?

Here is an example showing how tasks show up using the homepage calendar. This view helps you visualize tasks over all the days in which they have been scheduled. It also reveals if there are any gaps: To enable this view, check the box for Tasks on the sidebar filter: A different way to view tasks on […]

Can I change the color of the calendar notes?

You can. Using different colors for notes on the home page calendar can help keep your notes organized. For example, a certain color can be used for vacations or when the office is closed. Another color can be used for special announcements and so on. When you right click on the home page calendar to […]

Homepage Calendar – The ins and outs

View your projects and tasks in one place. The calendar has three different views — week, month, or custom view. The custom view allows you to pick a date range in case you need specific dates. And, each view can subscribed to using the iCalendar feature, so you can keep your 3rd party calendars synchronized. The week view […]

Save, delete or replace existing views/filters

Views/Filters can be created so you can quickly return to a favorite view. If you want to quickly view tasks for a given client or tasks that meet certain priorities or status, a saved filter allows you to return to that view quickly, making task management more efficient. Note: In the example below, we’re filtering […]

How do I use the home page filters?

Home page filters are a way to create different calendar views displaying different kinds of data for a client, project, person or any other filterable attribute. Each view can be saved as a filter that slices your account data in different ways. For example, you could create a filter for a client (Petunia), showing all […]

How do I add notes and how are they used?

Calendar notes can be applied to any day and can be helpful to display self reminders or comments to everyone who uses the account. A common use for notes is announcing team member vacations or for holidays. A note cannot be viewed by others if it is set to private, and public notes can be […]

Can I subscribe to the home page calendar?

The iCalendar subscriptions from the home page calendar allows you to add your milestones, tasks, and notes to your favorite desktop or web-based calendar software. These instructions detail how to obtain the URL for your iCalendar subscription and add it to Google Calendar, Apple iCal, or Microsoft Outlook (2007 or later) or to download an iCal file. A note […]

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