Calendar Orientation Setting

Intervals has a system wide calendar orientation setting that can be edited by any Administrator with access to Settings & Defaults. This default setting will be selected for all newly created users.

Each user has the option to override this setting and select their own calendar orientation on their profile page. A Monday – Sunday calendar orientation or a Sunday – Saturday orientation is available.

To change the global setting:

  1. As an Administrator user, navigate to Options > Settings & Defaults
  2. Settings & Defaults

  3. Scroll down to the “Regional Settings” section
  4. Select your preference under “Default Calendar Orientation”
  5. Click “Change default calendar orientation” button to save

Calendar Orientation - Default Setting

To change your user-specific calendar orientation:

  1. Navigate to “My Account”
  2. My Account

  3. In the “Login information” section, click “Edit”
  4. Select your preference under “Calendar Orientation” and click Save

User specific calendar setting

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