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Can I change the name of invoice?

A customer asked our support team this question. I need to edit an invoice and change the name, but I don’t see how to do it. Am I missing it? The title/name of an invoice can be updated by navigating to the invoice in question and clicking on the edit icon at the top of […]

Can I change the logo used for invoicing?

We received the following question: Hello Team – Can I change the logo in the invoice only? We support the ability to have an invoicing specific logo in addition to your account logo. The invoicing specific logo can be managed in the default invoicing section (⚙️ >> Settings & Defaults >> Default Invoicing). Note: Only […]

Can a freeform invoice be duplicated?

A customer asked the following question. Is there an easy way to duplicate freeform invoices? Invoices based on actual work performed cannot be copied, but freeform invoices can be copied. Duplicating a freeform invoice can speed up the invoice creation process. Here are a few different ways to copy an invoice. Invoice Detail Page When […]

Can I include expenses and non-hourly items on invoices?

You can. There are different ways to add non hourly related items onto invoices based on how the invoices are constructed. Invoices based on actual work performed If you are using invoices based on actual work performed there are two ways to add non time related items to an invoice. You can manually click on […]

FreshBooks Integration

FreshBooks FreshBooks is cloud accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers. With Intervals you can copy your Invoices directly to your FreshBooks account. Please note if you have a FreshBooks Classic account it is not supported at this time. Only the new version of FreshBooks is supported. NOTE: Compound taxes are not supported at […]

QuickBooks Online Integration

How do I integrate QuickBooks Online with my Intervals account? Any Administrator or Manager with access to Invoices can integrate QuickBooks by authorizing the connection. The connection can also be initialized any time a new invoice is exported. When viewing an invoice, click the export icon below: Or an Administrator with access to Settings & Defaults can […]

How do I address an invoice to a client contact?

After an invoice has been created, it can be edited to change the recipient. When the top half of an invoice is in edit mode, a drop down menu will appear that shows any of the people in Intervals (contacts or users) that have been associated with the client. In the following example, an invoice […]

Can I add a discount to an invoice?

The best way to add a discount to a project invoice is to add a negative line item. A project credit can be issued as well but that will not show up on the invoice. Invoices based on actual work performed and free from invoices both have the option to add a line item manually. […]

Do you have aging? How do I see overdue invoices?

If you are hoping to see the typical 30, 60, 90 days overdue, Intervals does not currently display overdue invoices in this fashion.  Overdue invoices are shown by how many days they are overdue. To manage overdue invoices, you can use a pre-set filter by navigating to Invoices >> Overdue Invoices. Additionally, you can filter them […]

I need “tax invoice” on my invoice. What are my options?

The invoice template cannot be customized, but existing fields can be used. One workaround is to add “Tax Invoice” to the title when creating the invoice. This way, the words will appear on the invoice. It could also be added to the billing or from address, the fine print section, or even putting the text […]

Can my clients pay the invoice online?

Intervals does not support the ability for clients to pay invoices online at this time. With how Intervals currently works some users place a link to Paypal or their online payment form directly on the invoice.  Either on the invoice description or the fine print field. 

How do I create invoices?

At this time only Administrators and Managers can create invoices and you can only invoice on a per-project basis. If you have not already done so, make sure you have configured the invoicing options that are located in the Default invoicing section of Settings & Defaults. Those settings get used every time a new invoice is created, so configure […]

What makes an invoice outstanding?

The way project invoices are marked as paid/outstanding is a basic calculation that just looks at the total amount to be paid for the invoice vs. any payments. If the amount to be paid is greater than the payments, your account will carry an outstanding invoice. An invoice does not become overdue until it has not been […]

Can I create recurring invoices?

Intervals does not include recurring invoices at this time.  The closest functionality is copying an invoice.  When viewing an invoice there is a copy option in the left column toward the bottom of the page. Note: Invoices based on actual work performed cannot be copied. Only free form invoices can be copied.

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