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Can an invoice be voided? Can I mark an invoice as bad debt?

A customer recently asked the following question about invoicing:

Is there any way to void an invoice? We don't want to delete it, want to retain a record of it, but don't want to mark it as paid or artificially change line items to 0. Thank you.

Intervals doesn’t have a true “void” option but there is one option that may work. If you do not want to delete the invoice, a payment with a custom type of “void” can be added to zero out the invoice. When posting the void you can include a note to help document why the invoice is being voided.

Void Invoice

If you want to void it because you are concerned about invoicing numbering, please know that Intervals will maintain invoice numbers by default and does not re-use invoice numbers unless it was the last used invoice number. Say for example you have invoices #1, #2, #3, and #4. If you deleted #2 and created a new invoice the invoice would be #5. The numbers do not backfill to re-use #2.

Lastly, if you do not need to delete an invoice, but do not expect to be paid, and want to track it as bad debt a payment type of “bad debt” can be added to zero out the invoice so that it does not show as outstanding.

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