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What happens to my data when I cancel?

We understand Intervals might not be the right fit for your needs. After an account is canceled the data is deleted from our servers after seven days except for some aggregate usage data that is maintained. If you decide to re-activate an account the data will not be recoverable if it has been longer than […]

Can I export my data?

Account data can be exported directly from within Intervals. Each major section of Intervals is available for export in XML and CSV format. To export all of your account data, you’ll need to be an administrator level user with access to Settings & Defaults. It can be found by clicking on Options ⚙ > Import […]

How is data backed up?

Databases are replicated in real-time at the data center. Backups are encrypted and stored in a secure facility located in a a different geographical location nightly with monthly retention. Documents are replicated to multiple storage points. If a document is deleted from Intervals, it is deleted from the backup a few hours later. Detailed information […]

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