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Mapping to service fields on invoices exported to QuickBooks Online

Our mapping is pretty simple: If the name of an invoice line item matches a service in QuickBooks, then we instruct QuickBooks to use it as one. Because of this, freeform invoices and invoices based on work performed can use this feature.

In this example free form invoice, there is a line item with “Production” in the name column, and it exists in our QuickBooks account, while “Hosting modification” does not:

This generates an invoice where “Hosting modification” is replaced with a generic “Services” label. The QuickBooks system assigns this default label to line items when a service is not found. For your convenience we move the name to the description area:

Invoices based on work performed function in a similar manner. However, the name field can flow from a variety of Intervals data points listed in the “By” dropdown when creating the invoice:

Summary Only functions the same as freeform invoices: The linking is performed by comparing the name of the line item.

For all other “By”: options, the Service field is retrieved from the name of the item selected:

Task where work was performed and time entry was added:

Here, the invoice generated pulls in the Localization module as the name of the line item:

And it pulls into the Service field as follows:

The only exception is when “Include time entries” is checked it uses the work type of the time entry as the service field and “Localization” is moved to the description. Additionally, we provide the Service Date. The date is from the time entry itself.

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