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Can I change the logo used for invoicing?

We received the following question:

Hello Team - Can I change the logo in the invoice only?

We support the ability to have an invoicing specific logo in addition to your account logo. The invoicing specific logo can be managed in the default invoicing section (⚙️ >> Settings & Defaults >> Default Invoicing).

Default Invoicing Navigation

Note: Only administrator level users that have been granted access to the Settings & Defaults section can manage this section.

By default, the account logo will be used so that you do not have to upload the same logo. If you have an invoicing specific logo that you would like to use, it can be added to the default invoicing logo section.

Invoicing Logo

If you upload an invoicing logo and still see the previous logo, these images tend to cache. Please perform a force refresh in your browser. Instructions are available here if needed. If you still see the old logo, please use our built in reset cache tool. Instructions on where to locate and use our reset cache tool are available here.

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