Default Invoicing

Any administrator level user with access to Settings & Defaults can modify the default invoicing by navigating to Options > Settings & Defaults > Default invoicing. The default address, fine print, logo, invoice number and taxation can be modified. Intervals supports dual taxation if needed.

To edit an invoice, click on the “Edit default invoicing” button:

Default Invoicing

If you use QuickBooks or other accounting software the invoice number in Intervals can be changed to line up with your existing invoices. New invoices will be auto-populated with the terms, tax, and second tax (if enabled).

You can also update your invoice logo. To get the best results, an image with maximum width of 240 pixels and maximum height of 120 pixels is recommended. GIF, JPG, or PNG are all acceptable formats. A file size of less than 50KB is also recommended.

Below is an example invoice with the configurable fields highlighted:

Sample Invoice

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