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Personalizing Intervals

Mold Intervals to match your workflow and processes

It all starts in Settings & Defaults. This section houses the defaults established when your Intervals account was first created.

Settings & Defaults menu

Want to customize Intervals and make it match your look with your own logo? No problem, just upload it.

Upload Logo

Don’t need the default modules or task status from the Intervals setup? You can create your own. Even the default work types and hourly rates can be modified.

Default work types

Want to run your numbers in a different¬†date format? Select a different locale under “Regional Settings.”

Regional settings

Want to change the visual look of your account? Under “Theme,” choose the popular Modernistic or one that matches your company.

Theme settings

We like to call Intervals “bendable.” Flexibility is built-in. We originally created it for our own unique pains as a web design and development shop, but Intervals solves problems common to many different industries: effectively tracking time, managing tasks with meaningful reports, and providing a place to organize all your work.

Intervals is being used in over 100 countries and is supporting industries we never imagined would make use of Intervals.

Advanced Tip:

  • If you would like even greater control over the visual theme of your account, the Advanced Theme Editor can be used to add your own custom CSS.


Default Work Types

Default Work Types
Running time: 2:36

How to Personalize Intervals

How to Personalize Intervals
Running time: 5:08

Modules, Work Types Explained

Default Modules & Work Types
Running time: 3:10

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