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How to create and use one general module

Modules are one of the most powerful features for categorizing tasks that Intervals has to offer. However, they can be too advanced a feature in some scenarios. When that is the case the solution is to whittle down your list of modules to just one, and name it something like “General.” This will cause Intervals to automatically select the module when creating a new task so that you can ignore this setting. Here is how to set this up:

  1. Go to Options (⚙) → Settings & Defaults → Default  modules
  2. Create a new defaule module named “General”
  3. Deactivate  (or delete) the other modules, leaving only your newly created module active
  4. That’s it. The next project you create will have only the one module linked to it.

Note: If you want to apply this change to existing projects you will need to go into each one, delink the existing modules, and add the newly created module.

Reducing the list of modules down to just one default is a great way to get up and running faster and easier with Intervals. As you become more familar with the software, and as your workflow needs evolve, the list of modules can be expanded to grow with you. The best part is your existing projects will retain the one module setup, while your new projects will reflect the more advanced multi module setup.

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