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FreshBooks Integration


FreshBooks is cloud accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers. With Intervals you can copy your Invoices directly to your FreshBooks account. Please note if you have a FreshBooks Classic account it is not supported at this time. Only the new version of FreshBooks is supported.

NOTE: Compound taxes are not supported at this time.

Connecting your Intervals account

Administrators with access to Settings & Defaults can disable or enable FreshBooks.

Once connected, administrator and manager user accounts can export invoices using the Freshbooks icon on the invoice:

How does Intervals map invoices exported to FreshBooks?

There are two methods depending on which type of Invoice you created:

Invoices created from Freeform option

The summary of line items is exported while preserving any Term & Tax Defaults you setup from the Default invoicing section. Please see the invoice before and after below. Notice how the Details section is exported to FreshBooks:

Before export
After export

Invoices created from Prefilled with work performed option

When building invoices with this option you can choose a Summary or Summary & Detail mode:

Because of that, you can also export the summary or the details to FreshBooks.

Here is an example output when using the details option:

Before export
After export

What is shared between Intervals and FreshBooks?

Here are the individual fields that are transferred. You can customize the line item format when copying an invoice that is based on work performed (see above). The summary option copies over the line items from the summary section only, while the details option copies individual work items. Line item format cannot be customized for free form invoices.

  • Invoice number
    • Copied to the notes field. Intervals lets the FreshBooks system decide the next invoice number.
  • Client, Project, and Invoice description
    • These fields are added to the “Notes” field.
  • Fine print
    • Copied to the “Payment Details” field.
  • Client email
    • This field is copied to the invoice, but you can change it with your client details in FreshBooks.
  • Total amount
  • Date created
  • Invoice term
  • Line items
    • Amount
    • Description
    • Unit price
    • Quantity
    • Service Date
      • Available for invoices built from work performed (with time entries) and the detail line item format. Free form invoices do not send this value.
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