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Update items quickly via Drag & Drop on Calendar

From the Home Page Calendar, quickly update the following items via drag and drop:

  • Task start & due dates
  • Milestone due dates
  • Notes to different days

1. Update task start or due date

  • Drag the beginning of a task to update the start date
  • Drag the end of the task to update the due date
Update Task via drag & drop
Drag the entire task to update the start & due date at the same time
Drag & Drop Entire Task
If you are filtering on “Tasks Starting” and/or “Tasks Due,” be sure to enable the checkbox “Expand projects” in order to drag tasks.

Calendar - Filter on Tasks

Calendar - Expand Projects

Drag Task on Calendar

2. Drag notes to different days

Drag and drop notes

3. Drag a Milestone to a different day

Change date of Milestone on Calendar

You will be prompted with options to update other items associated to that milestone
Change Milestone Date Prompt


The crosshair icon let’s you know an item is enabled for drag & drop

Crosshair indicates drag & drop

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