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How do I update tasks in bulk?

Multiple tasks can be updated at once in bulk, at a maximum of 200 at a time (max number of items per page) using the check boxes paired with the “With selected” drop-down menu at the bottom of the task list. A common use of the bulk task update functionality is to close multiple tasks at once.

A common use for the bulk task updater is to change multiple assignees, owners, or followers at once. If you have that need the process is to run the filter for a single project first.

When the task list is filtered by a single project additional options will be available in the drop-down including changing owners, assignees, followers, modules and milestones.

After the task list has been narrowed down to a single project the project specific options will be available. For example:

Tasks - Bulk Update

Note: Bulk moving tasks from one project to a different project is not supported due to source and destination complexities with project permissions and work type/module differences.

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