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Can you bulk update the project budget alert threshold?

A customer asked the following question which got converted into a feature request and then a feature.

Is there any way to change all the alerts for projects at one time? We have so many projects that manually changing them would be time consuming.

Project budget alerts are a convenient way to receive a notification when a project reaches a certain budget threshold. More information on project budget alerts is available here.

Previously there was not a way to bulk update project budget alerts, but we are happy to announce that this functionality has been added to the “With selected” functionality on the project listing.

Bulk Edit Project Budgets

Run a filter to return the desired projects (all projects, or the desired projects by client, manager, etc.) then select the projects (or all) and select the “Change budget alert percent” with the bulk project updater.

Project Budget Alert

Then, set the percentage and save. This feature streamlines updating the project threshold for multiple projects instead of having to manually edit each project.

If your account has several hundred projects, we recommend setting the display threshold to the maximum of 200 projects. This will allow you to update 200 projects at a time.

Project List Max Projects

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