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Client Management

Know which clients matter the most to your success.

Who is your most important client? Which client uses up the most of your time? We added the Clients section to Intervals to help you “quantify the emotion” of being a service-based business. It quickly becomes obvious which clients are paying the bills and which clients are just causing headaches.

Client profile

The Clients section is another way to view your valuable data in Intervals. Each client has their own profile where you can store their company description and a list of the projects that belong to them. The Dashboard helps you keep tabs on the work performed, the overall budget, and billable and non billable hours estimated, assigned, and actually used to date.

We strongly recommend setting up your own company as a client. We have projects for Pelago IT, Pelago Sales, Pelago Marketing, etc. Adding your own business can be invaluable when trying to compare your billable vs. internal efforts.

Clients are layered in throughout the Reports section; you can quickly determine how important (or not so important) a given client is to your success. So if you want to know whether Acme, Inc. is paying for as much time as it feels like they’re taking, run a few reports and see the numbers for yourself.

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Clients Overview

Clients Overview
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