Miscellaneous Utilities

Project Notes

These are notes you can add to a project. Project management notes are perfect for any project related information that might be useful.


Project management notes have two modes: general and private. General notes can be read and accessed by anyone assigned to a project. Private notes, indicated by a small golden key notes_secure, can only be viewed by people who have been granted private note access (you need to set this individually in each user account). Private notes are a great way to communicate or store passwords and other confidential information, as they are encrypted for added security.


Ever need to look up a task you did a few months back? In the lower right hand corner, enter a Task number to locate a specific Task, or a keyword to find all of the tasks that contain that keyword. You can also search project notes, documents, projects, clients, people, milestones, invoices and the request queue directly from the footer search.

Or, you can click through to the Advanced Search, which includes additional search options.


Email/Print/PDF/Export This Page

Intervals gives you a variety of output options on just about every page. The “email this page” functionality sends a nicely styled HTML email that looks like the page you’re looking at.

Location: It’s in the upper right hand corner of every page.


Email Notifications

You know those email notifications you start receiving the second you create your first task? Well, some people hate them. Seriously, they do. In Options >> My Account, you can determine which email notifications to receive and which to put to bed permanently.

They’re all turned on by default, so just select the ones you want. This is true for each person in your team.


Advanced Tips:

  • Recently viewed tasks – if you just viewed a task and want to quickly return to it roll your mouse over Tasks in the global navigation. The submenu will show the last ten tasks that were viewed. This is true for other sections as well (milestones, clients, projects, etc.).
  • Copy project notes – say you have a lot of great notes for a project and you start another project with the client. Project management notes can be copied and pulled into the new project. This can be really helpful with web development projects where the passwords need to be kept current on each project.
  • Drag and drop – on the home page you can drag and drop tasks, milestones and projects to reschedule them.


Search & Project Notes

Search & Project Notes
Running time: 4:12

Export, Email, Print & Email Notifications

Export, Email, Print & Email Notifications
Running time: 2:42

The Request Queue, Hopper & Email Integration

The Request Queue, Hopper & Email Integration
Running time: 3:58

Using the Basecamp™ Classic Import

Using the Basecamp™ Classic Import
Running time: 3:35

Importing Tasks and Other Data

Importing Tasks and Other Data
Running time: 4:32

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