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Know thyself. Know thy business.

Reporting is one of the areas that really sets Intervals apart. You’ll discover lots of new ways of managing projects, team efforts and business productivity. Check out the bevy of reporting tools available to you, in the Reports section:


For example, you can view a Mr. Pie Chart Report by people to see who deserves a vacation, or by client to see who deserves a nice bottle of wine.

Mr. Pie Chart

Or, you can run a Trends Report to see if you are billing enough hours each week.

Trends Report

Do a Summary Report for deeper insight into your clients, your projects, and team productivity. There are many report combinations to look at here.

Summary Report

You can also generate a summary of your Outstanding Balances to see who needs to get invoiced.

Outstanding Balances Report

If you need to run a report to determine hi level totals for a particular client or project, the Project Landscape report generates it for you. Results are broken down into separate tabs by project estimates, task estimates, remaining hours, etc.:

Project Landscape Report

The Expenses Report is a simple report that calculates expenses across one or more clients and projects.

Expenses Report

The Task Snapshot Report graphs tasks over time by task status. If you need to calculate a project’s tasks workload this might be a good fit.

Task Snapshot Report

If you need to predict workload, use the Resource Allocation report. This report uses task estimates to calculate workload for one or more resources.

Resource Allocation Report

If you would like to have reports delivered to you (or your clients and stakeholders) via email, reports can be scheduled for delivery.

As the creators of Intervals, the reports that we rely on the most are the Trends Report, Project Activity Report and Crosschart.

If this level of information is a bit overwhelming, one of the great things about Intervals is that you can look only at the information that matters to you most and ignore everything else. We designed Intervals to be easy to use and keep the advanced stuff in the background until you are ready for it. If some day down the road you get curious about where all of your time has gone, have another look at the Reports section and run a few of the canned reports that are available in the drop-down menus.


Reports Overview

Reports Overview
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Scheduled Reports

Report Videos - Scheduled Reports
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