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Saving and scheduling reports for automated delivery

Video Introduction to Saving and Scheduling Reports

This video introduces how to save a report and schedule it for automated delivery. Saving a report allows you to run the report again in the future with a single click, and scheduling the report allows you to deliver a PDF or CSV version of the report to whomever you like at a delivery schedule that you specify. The CSV version includes the raw data used to generate the report that can be manipulated in a spreadsheet program.

Why use Scheduled Reports?

  • Save Time – having reports delivered to your inbox instead of finding the information manually
  • Visibility – gain visibility into your business goals
  • Communicate – keep key people in the loop with automated reporting

How to Schedule Reports

  1. Run the desired report with the preferred parameters (date range, client, project, person, etc.)
  2. Save and name the report
  3. Add a note to be included in the email
  4. Set the delivery schedule by picking when the schedule report should be run (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)
  5. Choose who to send the report to (you can send it to external email addresses and distribution lists)
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