Is there an expenses report?

Intervals does include an expenses report. It is available in the reporting section and via the links on the project dashboard. The report can be exported to a spreadsheet program, emailed or exported to PDF like most of the reports.

Here is what the output of our online expense reporting looks like.

Expenses Report

The report can be run for multiple clients and projects or for a single client. When running the report for a single client, often times it is quicker to run the report from the project dashboard page for the project. At the bottom of the project dashboard there are links to each of the reports. When clicking on the report via this section the report will run for the life of the project. It can be a quicker way to generate a report since you don’t have to select the desired items via the drop down menus. Here is what the project dashboard reporting links look like.

Project Dashboard Links

Another place that expenses can be viewed is the Project Landscape report. After running the report, if you click on the “budget & invoices” tab a financial view is revealed that includes expenses. The Project Landscape report is probably the best hi level report to view information across projects. This is what the budget & invoices tab looks like.

Project Landscape Report Expenses

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