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Can I add time manually?

Yes, time can be manually added using any of these methods:

  1. Directly on the timesheet using the Add time button or by right-clicking the day of the week.
  2. The calendar on the home page, by right clicking on any date on the calendar or by clicking the Add time button in the weekly view.
  3. Add multiple time entries by clicking on the Time tab, then selecting Add multiple time entries.
  4. Use the Add time button on the task detail page or copy a previous time entry in the task’s Time tab.

When you manually add time you will have to fill out the Add time form that appears in the lightbox. Below is a description of each field:

Add time

  • Person
    This field defaults to your name. If you have Manager or higher level access you will be able to add time on a team member’s behalf.
  • Date
    The date on which this time entry should appear on timesheets, invoices, and reports.
  • Time
    The number of hours to record. Time can also be entered using hours and minutes notation (i.e. Enter 1:30 to represent 1.5 hours).
  • Client
    The client for which the target project and/or task belong. Selecting a client will narrow down the list of projects. This field is not required.
  • Project
    The project on which the time entry should be applied. Once the project is selected a list of tasks will appear in the task menu.
  • Module
    Use this option to narrow down the list of tasks. If you are adding time to a task you can skip this option. It will autoselect based on the task selected below it. If you are adding general time to the project, selecting a module is required.
  • Task
    The task on which the time entry should be applied. Use the keyword search box to narow down the list of tasks.
  • Work type
    This option determines the hourly rate that is applied to the time entry on invoices and reports. Choose the option that best describes the type of work performed.
  • Billable
    Whether or not this time should be billed. This will default to the billable status of the project selected, but can be overriden by the person adding time.
  • Description
    Use this field to describe the work that was done during this time.

If you are looking for more advanced ways to add time, consider these options:

  1. Adding time via CSV import — available only to administrator level users.
  2. Adding time via the API.
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