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Using the Project Activity report to review and edit time

Intervals allows you organize and run reports on your time in an infinite number of ways. However, this freedom to track time how you want means that there are few constraints. So, how do you make sure your team is tracking their time as instructed?

Running a Project Activity report by task is one of three different methods we typically recommend to our customers who want to review and edit their team’s time entries.

Project Activity Report

The Project Activity Report

This report can be useful when your team has been given more detailed instructions on how to track their time, and you need to see exactly where their efforts have been going. In this example, the team has been instructed not to add any billable time to a task if it exceeds the task estimate.

First, select the date range and project that we’ll be analyzing, then select “By Task” from the last menu in the left column and run the report. Scroll down to the bottom half of the report, where the individual time entries will be grouped by task.

You will notice that each task section lists a total sum of time entered on that task, as well as the original estimate. Skim the report for any tasks with a total time greater than the estimate. To edit the time, click on the task number in the report to go to that task and make the necessary edits.

Two other methods for auditing time entries:

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