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Using the Crosschart report to review time

Intervals can track time many different ways and tries not to place too many constraints on the time tracking process. So, how do you make sure your team is tracking their time as instructed?

The Crosschart Report is one of three different methods we typically recommend to our customers who want to review their team’s time entries.


The Crosschart Report

This report is useful if you need to cross reference two data points to see where a sum total of where time is going. For example, you may have instructed your team to only use certain work types, because you don’t want your copywriter entering time as accounting.

First, select “person” as one axis, and “work type” as the other. Enter the date range and click Filter. You now have a report of all time entries by person and by work type. Click on the column labeled Total to sort the results and make the report easier to skim. This report will quickly reveal any erroneous time entries, which can be fixed using the Edit Time page.

Two other methods for auditing time entries:

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