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What is the best report to show estimated vs. actual hours?

There are three different ways you can view your estimated vs. actual hours.  One way is navigating into a project, then selecting “estimated vs. actual” in the left hand column.  There is an option to toggle the estimated vs. actual by task.  For example:

Project view - Estimate vs Actual

Another option is the task listing itself.  A filter can be run to grab all of the tasks for a particular project and there is an estimated and actual column.  The page can be exported to a spreadsheet for further manipulation if needed:

Task List - Estimate vs Actual

Another option is the Project Activity Report.  When running the report please be sure to select “by task” in the summary only drop down menu.  When this option is selected, the bottom half of the report will have each task, its estimated and actual time, and the financial value of the time.

Project Activity Report - Estimate vs. Actual

Lastly, the Project landscape report includes time estimates vs. actual and budget estimates vs. actual. More information about Project Landscape report is available here.

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