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Can you hide the hours on the Gantt chart?

A customer made the following feature request.

It would be good if you could run the Gantt and not show the estimated and actual time. We are just starting a project that is fixed cost, not hours-based, and I would like to provide the Gantt for the timeline information. But not show the hours as that is not relevant to the customer. Any chance to add a checkbox or something to show hours or not show?

We are pleased to announce the Gantt chart includes the ability to hide hours. When running a filter to generate a Gantt chart there is a checkbox option to “Hide time” near the filter button.

Gantt Hide Time Option

If time is included the Gantt chart includes the estimated and actual columns and the task bar fills in with the amount of hours tracked. Here is a very basic example:

Gantt with Time

If “Hide time” is selected the time columns are omitted and the task bar does now show any progress.

Gantt Chart without Time

This functionality can be used in conjunction with Saving & Scheduling reports if you need to automate the delivery of project status reports.

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