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How to display unbillable time

Billable projects will often include some unbillable time. Intervals gives your team the option to mark their time entries as unbillable, so that every hour can be tracked and accounted for. However, the dashboards and estimate vs actual pages of a billable project will default to displaying only the billable. So, how do you display unbillable time?

When viewing the project dashboard and estimate vs actual pages, there will be an option to include billable time, unbillable time, or both. Change this from “Billable time” to “Unbillable time” and the results will automatically regenerate.

All of the time tracking reports have the option to include unbillable time. Unless this default setting is changed, the report will include both billable and unbillable time. To change this setting and display only unbillable time, look in the left column for the option that is currently set to “Both” and change it to “Unbillable time.”

When the “Both” option is selected, some of the reports will separate out the unbillable time. The other reports will not differentiate between the billable and unbillable time and will lump them together in one sum.

For more information on how each report treats unbillable time, see our help article titled An Overview of Every Intervals Report.


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