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Is there an activity log that shows a person’s activity?

An Intervals customer asked the following question:

Is there an activity report that shows a user's activity? We need to see a log file of changes made by a person. Does that exist?

When viewing a person in the people section, there is an option to view recent activity for the person. Here is where the link is located.

Person Activity Log

With the person feed you can run a filter to see daily, weekly, and monthly activity by activity type. The following types of updates can be viewed and filtered:

  • Project updates
  • Project notes
  • Payments, expenses & invoices
  • Task updates and comments
  • Milestone updates and comments
  • Document uploads
  • Time added

Person Log Filter

The person feed includes the ability to subscribe, email, print, or export the data to PDF. If you need to review when a particular person made changes the person feed can be a helpful utility.

If you are looking for a similar functionality, but for all activity that happened on a given project, please check out the project feed functionality.

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