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How do I import people and notify them of their account?

When creating a person (administrator, manager, resource, or executive) from the people tab, Intervals automatically sends a welcome email that includes a link to a page where they can setup a username and password.

When using the import utility, you can control if the welcome email is sent. If you wish to send an email notification them, like when creating a person from the people tab, use the option for “Importing people while letting them set a username and password” as shown in the example below. This behavior is exactly the same as if you created a person using the create a person page in the People section.

For this to succeed, fill in the minimum required fields in your CSV for creating a user account:

  • First name
  • Access Level
    • Acceptable values are: Administrator, Manager, Resource, or Executive
  • Email
    • Their email address that is unique to their account, meaning, two users cannot have the same email.
  • Status
    • Active or Inactive (Inactive user accounts cannot log in)

When they receive the welcome email, they will be able to set their own username and password.


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